Northern Alberta Xtreme Hockey Academy


Northern Alberta X-treme’s mission is to provide a supportive learning environment that strives for excellence in academics and athletics.


To provide a Safe, Fun and Competitive learning environment for all student-athletes.

To provide opportunities that support further development and positive self-growth.

To enhance character development through the emotional, physical and mental benefits of sport.

Core Values


To maintain our standing and be a positive member of Hockey Canada/Hockey Alberta/Canadian Sports School Hockey League along with the Black Gold School District and Town of Devon.


We will maintain the well-being of our student-athletes and staff by focusing on them at the core of every decision. We will also keep at the forefront an understanding and appreciation of respect for each individual member’s contribution to the environment of the organization.


To build and maintain a sense of pride within the community, school district and organization by maintaining a proud history of success in academics and athletics.


To positively impact and maintain a strong foundation of the mental, physical, emotional and moral qualities of each student-athlete within our organization.

Our Support Staff


Jason Stewart

Program Director

Tyrel Spitzer

Hockey Ops


Paula Smith

Academic Director

Darren Caldwell

John Maland High School Principal

Brian Scott

Riverview Junior High Principal

Development Staff

Brian Shackel

Skating Coaching

Rob Brown

Skill Development Coach

Jason Strudwick

Technical Development Coach

Paul Manning

Technical Development Coach

Dave Rathjen

Goalie Coach

Kane Lafranchise

Technical Development Coach

Coaching Staff

Matt Tassone

Male Midget Prep Head Coach

Allen York

Flex/Goalie Coach

Cassea Schols

Female Midget Prep Head Coach

Garrett Meger

Bantam Prep Head Coach

Steve March

Flex Coach/Recruiting

Brayden Toma

Elite 15 Head Coach

Jordan Martin

Coach/Media Coordinator

Derek Hemsley

Bantam Prep Coach

Mental & Physical Development

Kim Layton

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Bree Guhle

Joga Instructor

Britni Spitzer

Mental Armour / Goal Setting Coach

Alana Tassone

Nutrition / Rest Coach

Brodie St.Jacques

Head Athletic Trainer and Equipment Manager